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MP4 Video Player Flash Fallback

Movie Player with Poster Image

This Video player only requires a single MP4 file.

The widget uses the same javascript as the default EverWeb one but there are a few differences in the actual player. The obvious ones are that the player loads a poster frame on page load rather than the full video file and there is an option for autoplay.

HTML5 Playback

MP4 Video Widget

For HTML5 playback in all modern browsers it is necessary to upload three versions of the file - MP4, OGG and WebM.

The OGG and WebM are required for Firefox and Opera which can't play MP4s. WebM is the more universal format of the two but older versions of these two browsers need an OGG file.

This movie player uses HTML5 playback where possible and falls back to flash for Firefox, Opera and older versions of Internet Explorer.

Preload & Splash

If a movie is uploaded without a splash (poster) image, it is necessary to allow the browser to preload the video file so that it can show the first frame in what would otherwise be a gaping black rectangle with a play button.

By including a poster image, preload can be set to "none" so that the video file does not try to download with the rest of the page contents. This is really important if you have more than one video on a page.

One of the features of the mediaelement player is that, if you have two or more players on a page, one will stop playing when another is started. This helps to avoid visitor confusion by preventing them from playing two at once.

Because of this feature, and the use of splash images, it is possible to insert more than one movie on a page without the download time suffering since they won't all try to download at once.

About The Video

Tatanka Hoksila/The Buffalo Boy Foundation is a non profit organization, founded in 2009 and based on the Pine Ridge and Rosebud Indian reservations.

We believe that the wisdom, culture and traditions of the Lakota People can inform and benefit the Modern world.

It is our goal to share our rich culture and tradition as well as to empower our People to bring sustainable employment and quality housing to the reservations on which we live.


NOTE: Autoplay should be avoided if possible since it slows page download time and it obviously doesn't work on  mobile devices.

Flash fallback will not work locally on your Mac. The files need to be uploaded to the server due to the flash plugin security settings.

The visitor needs to have the flash plugin installed in their browser for the flash player to work! This may seem obvious but it is increasingly common for the flash plugin to be removed or disabled to conserve power.

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