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The VideoJS movie player is similar to the one on the previous page in that it uses a poster image and a single MP4 file.

Both of these widgets are a better alternative to the default EverWeb Video widget in that they don't require three versions of the movie file or allow the video file to load when the other page contents are downloading. They use a poster image instead which gives faster loading web pages.


VideoJS is an open source website movie player so it doesn't require a license and has no logo or other branding to spoil the website visitor's viewing pleasure.

One of the main features of this player is that it is possible to use the files hosted on the VideoJS server. This has two advantages..

[1] No files are required to be loaded into EverWeb - apart from the movie file and splash image - or uploaded to the server.

[2] When the player receives an update, it is not necessary to update the local files and those on the server.

It is also very fast downloading since it doesn't use jQuery and is less than 100Kb in size.

The controls are different and may appeal more to some. The latest version of VideoJS, inexplicably, has the main play button located at the top left of the poster image. This widget brings it back to the center.

NOTE: Flash fallback will not work locally on your Mac. The files need to be uploaded to the server due to the flash plugin security settings.

The visitor needs to have the flash plugin installed in their browser for the flash player to work! This may seem obvious but it is increasingly common for the flash plugin to be removed or disabled to conserve power.

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