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Always provide a caption to describe the contents of every movie on a website. The SEO spiders can't watch the movie so they need a description with keywords so that they can index it.

YouTube Video Poster Image

The only thing that looks worse than a YouTube movie on a web page is several of them!

This widget allows the addition of a custom poster or splash image with a play button. The ugly YouTube control bar is also set to be hidden and only show on mouseover.

The poster image should be cropped and correctly sized before importing into the EverWeb Assets List.

If the video is going to be shown at 900px wide on the page then that's the minimum width the image should be.

The aspect ratio is that of the video file width to the height. The most common aspect ratios are 16:9 and 4:3

The default value in the "Calculated Value" box is suitable for video files with an aspect ration of 16:9

For files with a different ratio, the value can be calculate from either the video dimensions or the aspect ratio...

Height ÷ Width x 100

Using a video file with a width of 480px and a height of 360px as an example...

360 ÷ 480 x 100 = 75

The aspect ratio in this case is 4:3 so the value is calculated from...

3/4 x 100 = 75

The YouTube video code is contained in the embed URL. Example...


Enter the code marked in blue into the box in the widget.

IMPORTANT! If the web page files are being processed by an optimizer application prior to publishing, make sure it is set to prevent the removal of HTML comments in the preferences.

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