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Audio MP3

This widget creates a really lightweight audio player since it uses buttons created with CSS rather than images and the audio files are prevented from down loading until the visitor actually taps the play button.

This means that several can be placed on a mobile website page. The players act together by stopping one from playing when another is selected. Two players are shown to the right and the widget can of course be used on a conventional site too.


Mobile video doesn't require WebM or OGG files nor flash fallback so the other video widgets are overkill.

The MobiVideo widget only requires an MP4 movie file and a suitably sized poster image. The video file is prevented from preloading so that it doesn't need to download until the visitor actually decides to play it.

The image below shows how it will appear on a mobile device and the movie player can be seen on the mobile version of the EverWeb Codebox website. Click the video button to get there.

Mobile Audio, Video & Image Popup Widgets

Lightbox Image Popup

Images take up a lot of space and should be kept to a minimum on smart phone sites. The MobiPopup widget allows the use of a large number of images to illustrate text descriptions while keeping the page content to a minimum.

The button uses CSS and HTML rather than an image and is available in two forms to suit dark and light themes.

The lightbox style popup can be captioned. The caption is automatically inserted into the title attribute of the img tag so that it also provides keywords for SEO.

Apart from the button, this widget differs from the lightbox image widget and the lightbox caption widget in that the popup image almost fills the  viewport on mobile devices to maximize the size.

Mobile MP4 Video Player
Mobile Lightbox Image Widget
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