EverWeb Widgetbox

Mobile Website Widgets

Thes widgets are specifically design for the mobile version of the website. They create fingertip size buttons for links, various buttons and to launch media players. Click any icon for a demo and more info.

Mobile Anchor LInk
Mobile Anchor Hyperlink

Mobile anchor link widget for creating smooth scrolling anchors on mobile websites.

Mobile anchor target widget

Mobile Contact Buttom
Mobile Audio MP3 Player

Mobile website Contact button

Mobile audio MP3 button player

Mobile Email Button Link
Mobile Home Button Link

Mobile website Email button

Mobile website Home button

Mobile Image Hyperlink
Mobile Image Lightbox Widget

Mobile website image hyperlink widget with alt text for SEO.

Mobile website version of the image lightbox widget.

Mobile Website Hyperlink Buttons
Mobile Website Phone Button

Various finger tip size buttons to replace text hyperlinks on mobile friendly websites.

Mobile website Phone button.

Mobile Website Smooth Scroll To The Top Button
Mobile Website MP4 Video Player

Smooth scroll Back To The Top button for long mobile website pages

Insert MP4 Video on a mobile version of the website.

Please read the next page about Mobile Design before using these widgets.

New HTML5 Widgets Section

Using HTML5 elements to layout a website results in superior SEO.
The new HTML5 widgets allow the user to create styled objects which make for a cleaner web page layout with content that is easier to find and read.
Find out how HTML5 can improve your website design and search engine results.