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This widget uses jQuery to expand an image on click rather than mouseover so it will work on mobile devices.

Click the thumbnail to open the large version of the image. Click the thumbnail again - or on free space - to close the large image.

The image has alt text for SEO and an opyional caption.

The image can be styles with padding, background color, border and /or box shadow.

Expand Image On Click

Widget Settings

Make sure the large image is created at the size it is required to appear in the browser and that the thumbnail is cropped to a suitable size before importing into EverWeb.

Choose the thumbnail image and enter alt text for SEO.

Enter a caption if required and adjust the widget's size using the drag handles or the Metrics insepector.

Choose the large image.

Set the background color and padding if required.

Set the border width, color and corner radius if required.

Set the box shadow color and radius if needed.

Set the caption font family, size and color.

Get The Widget

Use the Click to Zoom Photo Grid widget if several click to zoom images are required on a page.

This widget is included in the More Widgets pack.