EverWeb Widgetbox

NOTE: After entering text into the box, make sure the Apply button is clicked before deselecting the widget. Otherwise the changes will be lost.

Image or Text Hyperlink Expands an Image

Image to Image

Click an image to show a hidden image which can be an enlarge version or a different one...

Hover Image Expand Image
Image to Image Widget

Choose the first image and enter alt text for SEO.

Choose the second image, enter alt text and set its width.

Use the arrange menu to bring the widget to the front before publishing the page.

Text to Image

Enter the text which comes before the hyperlink, the the link text and then any text which comes are the link.

Select the web safe font and set the size and color.

Select the hyperlink color.

Select the widget and bring it to the front using the Arrange menu before publshing the page.

Text Expand An Image
text expand to image widget
EverWeb WIdget Apply Button
Get The Widget

This is a Hyperlink to open an image...

Image Expamd to Image Widget

Also see the HTML5 Image to Image & Text to Image Animated Tooltip widgets.