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Due to the way in which EverWeb fixes the position of elements on the page, any content below the widget cannot move up/down as the widget expands/contracts as it would do in a web page created using code.

Therefore, the widget should be brought to the front using the Arrange menu before publishing the page.

If two or more of these widgets are stacked up vertically, the one above has to have a higher z-index than the one below it and so on...

Although the warning below suggest that this widget requires EverWeb V 1.4 and up, it will work in V 1.3. However, the boxes for entering text will be much reduced in height so the later versions are best.

This widget allows hidden text to show/hide when a link is clicked.
The text can be style using a web safe font with a choice of size and color with a suitable background color.
The More & Less link text can be styled for color and can be customized to change the actual text and/or language.

There are two boxes in the widget settings for entering text - one for the visible text and the other for the hidden text.
Make sure to click the Apply button after entering the text into either box.
Use the HTML for an ampersand like this &
HTML line breaks can be used to create returns & paragraphs.
An HTML line break looks like this <br> but it's better to use the XHTML which closes the tag like this <br />
Use two of these like this <br /><br /> to create a paragraph break.

NOTE: The text boxes work just the same as the one in the HTML snippet widget.
Every time text is entered, the Apply button must be clicked. If the widget is deselected without doing this, any changes in the content will be lost.

* This widget requires EverWeb V1.4 and up! *

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