EverWeb Widgetbox

Time Delay Popup Image

Popup Image On Page Load

This is a timed popup window using the jQuery Colorbox plugin.

The image opens on page load after a time delay. This is set in seconds and, in this case, is 5. The time can be set to 1 second so that the window pops up almost immediately on page load.

The popup can be dismissed at any time by clicking on free space or the close button.

Change the browser width and height to see how the image remains in the center.

Time Delay Image Pop Up
Timed Popup Image on Page Load Widget

Drag the widget onto the page and it will be seen as a 10px square. Put it in a corner out of the way or command drag it into the footer.

Note that the image to be used should be cropped to the required dimensions before dragging it into the EverWeb Assets.

Use the Choose button to select the image from the Assets list and enter its width and height.

Set the time delay in seconds.

Publish the page to see the widget in action.

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