EverWeb Widgetbox

Click a Text Hyperlink to Expand a Hidden Text Box

Text Hyperlink Opens Hidden Text Box

A widget to open a hidden text box from a text hyperlink. This can be used for additional explanation of a topic to save sending visitors to another page. The text in the paragraph with the hyperlink can be style separately from that in the hidden text box.

text to text widget
text to text widget
Text Hyperlink Open Text box

HINTS: The HTML for an ampersand is &

The HTML for a line break is <br> but it is better to use the properly closed XHTL which is <br />

Before publishing the page, select the widget and bring it to the front using the Arrange menu.

NOTE: After entering text into the box, make sure the Apply button is clicked before deselecting the widget. Otherwise the changes will be lost.

EverWeb WIdget Apply Button
Get The Widget

This is a Hyperlink to open a text box...

Also see the HTML5 Text to Text Animated Tooltip widget.