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Full Size Background Slideshow

Full Size Background Image Slideshow
Background Image Slideshow

This widget will create a full sized background image slider which responds to changes in the browser size.

When the widget is dragged onto the EverWeb design canvas, a small box will appear 50px square. Command drag this into the Footer area.

As each image is dragged in from the Assets List, a tiny preview will appear in the widget box.

The time that each slide displays for is set in seconds using the first slider.

The transition time is set in tenths of a second to give a finer degree of control over the timing value.

In this example, the page background is set to "none" so that more of the actual background can be viewed.

This text is created using the Transparency Widget to give the effect of the content floating over the background.

Note that the background slideshow will not be visible in EverWeb. Use the Preview button to check out the result.

TIP: If all that is required is a full size, response background image, use just one image and set the Slide and Transition times to zero.

Thanks to Steve for this tip!

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