EverWeb Widgetbox

Swipe Slider With Captions, Pager Dots & Image Hyperlinks

Image Hyperlink caption pager swipe slider

The Swiper

Swipe Slider
Navigate with Pager Dots or Swipe on Mobile Devices
Style The Captions & Background Opacity
Fade Slide Transition
Fade and Slide Transitions & Variable Transition Time
Image Hyperlink
This is an Image Hyperlink
Swipe slideshow image caption link pager

This slider can be navigated using the pager dots on a conventional website and by finger swiping on mobile devices.

Each slide has a caption, alt text for SEO and can be a hyperlink to another page.

The transition type and timing can be adjusted and the caption can be styled.

The Widget

Drag the widget onto the page and choose the images.

Highlight each image file name in turn and enter a caption and alt text for SEO.

Enter a relative or absolute URL if the image is required to be a hyperlink.

See THIS page for info about relative file paths.

Set the slider to the required size using the drag handles or the Metrics inspector.

Select the transition type and timing.

Choose the caption Font Family, size, color, style, weight & text align.

Adjust the caption background opacity if necessary.

Get The Widget

Note: This widget requires EverWeb V1.4