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Using the Gallery Widget

A photo gallery created without captions and alt text might as well be a blank page as far as the search engines are concerned and it's not very informative for human visitors either.

This widget allows the creation of a thumbnail gallery with lightbox style slideshow.

The individual thumbnail image width can be set and the height will adjust automatically. There is provision for both a thumbnail caption and alt text for SEO.

The caption text can be styled with a choice of web safe fonts, size, color and text align. The caption can extend to any number of lines.

The full size image slideshow is responsive so the images can be any size or aspect ratio.

The large image can have a different caption than the thumbnail.

The text entered for both the thumbnail and the full size image captions is derived fron the title attribute so this text will be indexed by the search engine spiders. This, in conjunction with the alt text, gives the opportunity to add a lot of keywords for SEO.

NOTE: After setting up the first thumbnail, duplicate it as many times as required and choose different thumbs and images for each. The large images will automatically be combined into a slideshow.

The thumbnail images can be arranged any which way. In the example above they are arranged in a row on top of a background shape created using the rectangle widget.

Once everything is in place and lined up, the individual items can be grouped together using the Arrange menu to make it easy to position - or reposition - on the page.

Before publishing the page, select each widget in turn and use the Arrange menu to bring it to the front.


Mobile Website

The enlarged image view has been adjusted to almost fill the browser viewport so the gallery widget is suitable for using on the mobile version of the site.

Obviously, the size of the large images should be reduced drastically before importing into EverWeb for this application.

Image 1 alt Text
Lightboc Caption Gallery Widget
Caption font style
Lightbox Caption Gallery Widget

As with any slideshow or gallery, the thumbnail images should be cropped square to the size required before importing them into the EverWeb Assets list.

The full size images can be any shape or size but their width should be kept below about 1200px or the download time will be aggrevating for those using slower internet connections.  

Image Preparation

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Note: This widget requires EverWeb V1.4