EverWeb Widgetbox

Banner Slider With Pager Dots & Hyperlinks

Autoplay Banner/Slider

An autoplay banner/slider with pager dots and the ability to create the images as hyperlinks. The slider can also be set to manual by entering zero slide time

Pager Dot Banner Slider Hyperlinks
Banner slider pager dots hyperlinks

Choose the images from the Assets List and then adjust the widget to the desired width and height.

Highlight each image file name in the Assets List and enter alt text for SEO.

To create a hyperlink, enter an absolute or relative path to the page or file. See THIS page for more info about relative file paths.

Enter the slide time in milliseconds.

Set this to zero for a manual slideshow.

Choose the transition type.

Set the transition time in tenths of a second.

Select the colors for the pager dots and the active dot.

Get The Widget
Autoplay banner slideshow
Pager Dots
variable slide and transition time
custom pager dot colors