EverWeb Widgetbox

Adding Slideshow Images - Fast

Arranging The Images

Adding images to a slideshow can be quite time consuming. If all the images are given alphanumeric names, this task becomes a breeze.

Arrange these images in a folder on the desktop. Give the image files names like - sl1.jpg, sl1t.jpg, sl2.jpg, sl2t.jpg and so on. Now, instead of dragging these images into the EverWeb Assets list and selecting them one by one, they can be dragged as a group onto the Assets list in the widget settings panel.

The screenshot below left shows a folder with all the selected images being dragged together onto the slideshow assets list in the EverWeb Widget Settings column. The one to the right shows how all the images have been added to the list at once.

NOTE that this is NOT the main EverWeb Assets list but the one in the widget settings panel!

Dragging SLideshow Assets
Slideshow Assets List

In the case of the T Slider, where there are both thumbs and images to load, these can be arranged in separate folders and given suitable names.

Drag the first widget onto the page and the widget settings will appear in the right hand column of EverWeb. Now select all the images in the Image Folder on the desktop - command A - and drag them onto this Assets list.

Now drag the thumbnail widget onto the page and repeat. If the prep work has been done correctly, all the slides and their corresponding thumbs will be in the chosen order. Any last minute adjustments can be made by rearranging the images/thumbs in the widget assets list.

Now it’s just a case of highlighting each image and thumb in turn and entering the captions, alt text and hyperlinks as required.

Using this method, sliders can be created a lot faster and the images and thumbs can be saved in a folder in the Finder so that they can be available for future updates and changes to the slider.