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Swipe Gallery with Captions

Swipe Image Gallery with Captions
Swipe Caption Gallery

The Gallery

This widget allows a slideshow to be launched from a thumbnail.

The full size image slideshow can be navigated using the directional arrows or by swiping. The slider has a play button and an exit button.

The slideshow is responsive which makes it suitable for using on mobile devices such as iPad/iPhone.

Two or more widgets can be placed on a page to create a thumbnail gallery - each of which launches a different slideshow. This allows for having a huge number of images viewable from one page of the site.

The gallery widget is also ideal for the smart phone version of the website since it can make a lot of images available while taking up very little space on the page.

The Widget

Drag the widget onto the page and choose the thumbnail and the first full size image.

Enter captions for both of these and then adjust the widget to the required size using the drag handle or the metrics inspector.

Set the thumbnail caption font family, size, color and text align.

Choose the rest of the images for the slideshow.

Highlight each file name in turn and enter the caption text which appears in the slideshow.

Note that the caption text is derived from the image alt text so the full size image caption should be descriptive for both human visitors and the search engine spiders.

Get The Widget

Note: This widget requires EverWeb V1.4