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Finger Swiping Slideshow Widget

Swiper Slider Version 2

The widget is now in its second version to utilise the improved Asset selector in EverWeb V 1.4. This allows alt test to be added for each image by selecting it in the assets list as show to the right..

The pager dot colors can now be customized.

Finger swipe slideshow pager dots
Finger Swipe Slideshow Pager Dots

Note: This widget requires EverWeb V1.4

This finger swiping slider is ideal for use on websites which will be viewed on smart phones like the iPhone and its competitors using the Android OS.

It should also be considered for use on conventional websites that will also be viewed on tablet devices such as the iPad and Google Nexus.

Navigation is by finger swiping although the slides can be changed using mouse swiping when the web page is viewed on computers.

Although the pagination buttons can be used to navigate with at a pinch, their main function is to let the visitor know where they are in the slide sequence and allow them to jump to any slide in the show.

These dots have been made as small as possible while still allowing finger tip stabbing if required.

Swiper Slideshow Widget
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