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3D Text Effect HTML Heading Widget

3D Heading

3D Text Widget

3D Text Using CSS Box Shadow

This 3D text effect is created using multiple CSS box shadows with the same color but variations of X and Y coordinates.

The widget uses a Goole hosted font with a web safe fallback. If a web safe font is required simply leave the font box empty and select the web safe one from the list.

Widget Settings

Enter the heading text and set the widget to the required size using the drag handles or the Metrics inspector.

Choose the heading type. The first example on this page is an h2 and the second an h3.

See THIS page for more info about how to use HTML headings and why they are very important for SEO.

Enter the name of a Google hosted font and choose a fallback from the list of web safe fonts.

Set the font size, color, style, weight and letter spacing.

Set a background color and corner radius if required.

3D Text Widget
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