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Drop Cap

This widget inserts a drop cap at the begining of a paragraph. The font can be a non websafe one as the widget also has the facility to add a fallback font and a generic group. See THIS page for info about fonts, web safe fonts and the generic groups.

Justification also makes life difficult for the rest of us since we use the ragged right hand edge to keep track of where we are.
But who cares about all this as long as the website layout obeys the rules of mathematics rather than reason?
The ego of the anal retentive web designer seems to overpower good sense and the concept of readability is often totally ignored.

This widget will find a use for those who are prone to quoting scriptures and ancient documents.
It should also satisfy those who are obsessed with precise layout since it has the ability to justify text.
Applying text justification makes it almost impossible for those with reading difficulties to follow it and will cause those suffering from dyslexia to give up in dispare.

Drop Cap Justify Text Widget
Drop Cap Widget

As can be seen from the screenshot of the widget settings, the drop cap can have its own size and color.

The positioning of the drop cap in relation to the rest of the first sentence is achieved using a combination of font size, line height and padding.

Line breaks can be created using the XHTML <br /> and two of them will create a paragraph break if required.

Note that the text is entered as HTML so special characters must be used for things like "&". See THIS page for more info about HTML special characters.

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