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Glow Hyperlink On Hover

Glow Hyperlink

This is a Glow Hyperlink attention grabber!

GLow Hyperlink Widget
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This widget creates a glow effect on a hyperlink in the hover state using a CSS box shadow.

The hover color, glow color and glow radius can be varied.

Enter any pre hyperlink text in the first box and leave a space.

Enter the hyperlink text in the second box.

Enter any post textin the third box and leave a space at the begining.

Choose a websafe font and set the size and color.

Now the styles for the hyperlinked text can be set for color, style weight and underline.

Set the hover color, the glow color and the glow shadow radius.

Enter a relative or absolute file path to a page or file and check the box if the hyperlink is to open in a new window.

See THIS page for more info about file paths.