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Jumping Hyperlink Efect

Jump Link

This is a Jumping Hyperlink using a CSS3 transition.

jump hyperlink widget
Get The Widget

Create a hyperlink which jumps a little on mouseover. The jump action is created by using a CSS transition on hover and the jump direction varied in four ways.

Enter any pre hyperlink text in the first box and leave a space.

Enter the hyperlink text in the second box.

Enter any post textin the third box and leave a space at the begining.

Enter a relative or absolute file path to a page or file and check the box if the hyperlink is to open in a new window.

See THIS page for more info about file paths.

Select a web safe font family and set the size and color.

Set the link color, hover color and choose whether to underline the hyperlink - or not.

Set the jump direction by checking/unchecking the boxes to get the desired result.