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Creating A Styled List

The first example shows a list with bullet points and the list position as "outside. The second one has a "decimal" style type and the list position as "inside".

Styled List Widget

Create a styled list with a lead in paragraph if required. Otherwise, leave it blank...

  • Drag the widget onto the page and enter the text for the lead in paragraph
  • Choose the web safe font, size and color
  • Set the vertical spacing and list style type
  • If the style type is anything other than "none", the list position can be changed from "outside" to "inside" if required
  • Enter the text for the first three list items in the boxes provided
  • Enter the text for more list items as required and check the box to make it visible in each case.
  • If more than 10 items are required, add another widget without the lead in paragraph
  • Note that this will only work with list types that don't use numbers or letters

The list style types available are...

  • Disc
  • Circle
  • Square
  • None
  • Decimal
  • Decimal Leading Zero
  • Lower Alpha
  • Upper Alpha

Note that the text that is typed or pasted into the boxes uses HTML so special characters need to be substituted with the HTML entity...

  • An ampersand (&) is &
  • A double quote (") is "
  • A single quote (') can be typed
  • A check mark (✓) is ✓
  • A fat check mark (✔) is ✔
  • A lesser than (<) is &lt;
  • A greater than (>) is &gt;
  • The at symbol @ is &#64;
  • A left arrow (←) is &larr;
  • A right arrow (→) is &rarr;
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