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Script Headings

Google Scrip Font HTML Heading Widget
Script HTML Heading Widget

Create script style HTML headings using Google hosted fonts. The font chooser is built into the wiidget and there is a choice of twenty seven font families.

The widget includes a fallback to the "Cursive" generic group in case the Google hosted font fails to load.

Drag the widget onto the page and enter the heading text.

Choose the font family and set the size, color and letter spacing.

Set the heading type. The example on this page is an h2 since the website name is the h1.

See THIS page for more info about how to use HTML headings and why they are very important for SEO.

Set the text align, font style and weight and then adjust the snippet size using the drag handles or the Metrics inspector.

The choice of fonts is shown in the screenshot to the far right.

Script font chooser
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