EverWeb Widgetbox

Text Widgets

Widgets for laying out text and adding effects to it...

Auto wrapping newspaper style columns.

Indented lists with bullet points

Wrap text around an image which expands on click or tap.

Text wrap around an image which expands on hover.

Drop cap for the first letter in a paragraph to create a biblical look.

Script style HTML headings using Google hosted fonts.

3D text effect for HTML headings using multiple CSS box shadows.

A hyperlink glow on hover effect.

A neon sign effect for HTML headings using CSS box shadows.

A hyperlink which jumps in a choice of four different directions on hover.

A retro style 3D effect using two CSS box shadows.

An HTML heading with contrasting outline using box shadow and Google hosted fonts.

New HTML5 Widgets Section

Using HTML5 elements to layout a website results in superior SEO.
The new HTML5 widgets allow the user to create styled objects which make for a cleaner web page layout with content that is easier to find and read.
Find out how HTML5 can improve your website design and search engine results.

Auto Text Column Widget
Styled List Widget
Text Wrap Expand Image on Hover
Drop Cap Justify Text Widget
Google Scrip Font HTML Heading Widget
3D Text Effect HTML Heading Widget
Glow Hyperlink On Hover
Jumping Hyperlink Efect
Neon HTML Heading Widget
Retro 3D HTML Heading
Outline HTML Heading Widget
Text Wrap Image Widget