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Closable Window

A closable window can be useful for periodic announcements about updates, news, sales etc. and can have a contrasting background and font color to make it more visible.

It's a space saving way of drawing visitors attention to a message before they read the rest of the page content.

Closeable Window
Closeable Window

Closable Window Div

These windows are often used to warn visitors about the use of cookies but can serve many other useful purposes.

The window appears on page load and, because it can be closed by the visitor, it doesn't have to take up valuable space and can be placed over other content by applying a suitable z-index (Bring to Front) via the EverWeb Arrange menu.

The text is entered into the box shown to the right and line breaks can be created using the HTML <br /> if required.

There is a choice if web safe fonts and the size and color can be varied.

The background color can set to contrast with the text.

NOTE that the box must be checked if the page with the widget is in a directory and only one of these widgets can be used per page.

Due to a limitation in EverWeb at the time of writing, the close button will appear as a question mark on the design canvas but will appear in all its glory when viewed in Preview mode or the published site.


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