EverWeb Widgetbox

Fade Text

Fade Between Two Headings

The main purpose of this widget is to fade out/in between two different headings.

The headings can be styled and the timing varied.

The widget settings are shown to the right...

Enter the first heading text

Drag the widget to the required size or use the Metrics inspector

Select the heading type

Choose a web safe font

Set the font size

Choose the color for the first heading

Set the font style, weight and text alignment

Enter the text for the second heading

NOTE that this will appear below the first one outside of the widget box.

Select a contrasting, or the same, font color.

Set the fade in, delay and fade out times. These are expressed in seconds.

Now check the box and the text will disappear. Don't worry, it will reappear on the published page!

The text would normally be invisible in EverWeb and it would be difficult to set the styles and the size of the widget box. The checkbox was added to allow the text to be seen when required to make adjustments.

Fade Text In Out Widget

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Fade a Heading In and Out

Fade Text In Out Widget

To use the widget to fade a single heading in/out, leave the second text box blank and style the first heading as usual.

Note that the code thinks there is a second heading there so make the delay time short.

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