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Open a Hyperlink in a New Custom Size Window

Open An External File

Opening hyperlinks in a new window is very much over used and can be confusing for vistors to a website. Webmasters use this feature out of fear that visitors will follow a link away from their site and not come back! If the new window is the same size as the original, this may very well happen anyway. The answer is to open the file - photo, move, PDF, whatever - in a new window which is sized to suit the content. If this window is smaller than the parent web page, the visitor is more likely to return.

These widgets create hyperlinks which, when clicked, will open a file or web page in a new window. This window can be sized to suit the content and will appear in the center of the visitors screen no matter what size it is or what device is used.

Click HERE to open an external slideshow in a new window.

The controls for the hyperlink widget to open an external file are shown to the right...

There are three boxes for entering text. One for the text that comes before the hyperlink, one for the actual hyperlink text and the last one for any text that comes after the link.

There is a choice of font family which includes all the useable web safe fonts. The font size and color can then be set.

Next is the hyperlink text color and a selector for choosing underline or none for the hyperlink text.

The width and height of the new window are then entered and then the URL to the file.

The file can be a movie, image, MP3, PDF etc and the file path can be either relative or absolute depending on where the file is.

See THIS page for more information about relative file paths and how to use them.

Open External FIle in new browser window
External FIle New Window

Open An Image

This is a Hyperlink to open an image in a new window

Open Image New Browser Window

These hyperlinks open an image and a PDF which were dragged into EverWeb Assets. The controls are the same as above except the file path box is replaced by a button for selecting any file in the Images list.

Open An Internal File

This is a Hyperlink to open a movie in a new window

Open Image New Window
Open FIle in new browser window

NOTE: At the time of writing, PDFs dragged into the Assets List end up in the Images folder rather than the External Files folder which is rather confusing.

Open A PDF

This is a Hyperlink to open a PDF in new window

This widget will allow the selection of any file dragged into the Assets list and published to the external files folder.

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