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Scrolling Text

Scrolling Text

Horizontal scrolling text using jQuery for better suport in all browsers...

Vertical Scrolling Text
can be used for
a news ticker.

It provides an easy way to update time sensitive info.

Although horizontal scrolling text can be achieved using the <marquee> tag, this is not recommended by the W3C, is not supported in some browsers and has severe limitations.

This widget makes use of a jQuery plugin which provides more options.

The scroller can be set to work horizontally or vertically and can also go backwards or forwards depending on which language is used.

The controls are shown in the screenshot to the right and are quite straightforward apart from the speed control which needs some explaining.

The scroll speed is a measure of the time that the scroller takes to complete a cycle. This means that the lower the number, the faster the scroller will travel.

The scroll speed also depends on the widget width or height. For example, if the scroll speed is set for a horizontal scroller with a width of 400px and then the widget is dragged out to 800px, the text will scroll a lot faster as it has more distance to cross in the given time. The scroll speed then needs to be lowered more to bring it back to the original speed set for the narrower scroller.

The same is true for the vertical scroller. The higher the scroller the faster the speed so, the value for Scroll Speed needs to be increased to slow it down. Got that?

In the vertical scroller the text will return automatically in a longer sentence. To create a return, use the XHTML line break <br />

To create a paragraph break use two of them like this <br /><br />

Vertical Scrolling Text

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