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Styled Image Tooltip and Hyperlink

Image Tooltip Link Mouseover
Image Tooltip link hover

Hover Image Tooltip & Hyperlink

This widget creates a styled image tooltip and the image can also be a hyperlink.

Mouseover the image to see the tooltip and click to see the hyperlink in action.

The tooltip expands vertically as text is added. Use the XHTML <br /> to create line breaks.

styled image tooltip and hyperlink widgetThe tooltip will expand vertically to accomodate more text.
HTML line breaks can be used to create breaks for sentences.
This image is a hyperlink.
Get The Widget

Select the image file from the Assets List and adjust it to the required size using the drag handles or the Metrics inspector.

Enter the tooltip text and choose a web safe font, size and color.

Align te text left or center and enter alt text for SEO.

To make the image a hyperlink enter a relative or absolute URL. See THIS page for info about realtive and absolute file paths.

Widget Settings