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Full Width Addon Widgets

These widgets are designed to complement the Full Width widgets by creating responsive modals which open via a CTA button.

The pack also contains a sticky tab navigation and anchors for use on long pages and one page websites.

Click the button below to go to the demo page or any widget icon to go to the page with instructions.

Full Width Tab Navigation Widget

The widget creates a sticky tab navigation with up to twelve items which smooth scrolls to anchors at any point on the page.

Full Width Tab Navigation Anchor Widget
Full Width Text Modal Widget

A responsive modal with scrolling text content. The widget has an HTML heading and a paragraph which can accomodate any amount of text.

Full Width Center Caption Image

Clicking the CTA button opens a responsive image with center caption in a modal.  

Full Width Modal Text Wrap Image

The modal contains a heading, image and text. The image width is adjustable and can be full width if required. Reducing the image width causes the text to wrap around it.

Full Width Modal PDF

The PDF is opened in a scrollable modal window modal with a fixed width and height.

NOTE: Only one page of the PDF will appear when viewed on tablet devices.

Full Width Modal iFrame

The iframe modal is responsive and is design to display scrolling, responsive content from an internal or external page or file.

Full Width Modal Map

The modal displays a responsive Google map using the latest V3 of the Google Maps API.

Disqus Comments Modal

Disqus comments are displayed in a fixed width and height modal with scrolling content.

The widget only requires the Disqus shortname to be enter.

Responsive Modal Vimeo

These widgets display Vimeo and YouTube movies in a responsive modal with title. Only the video ID number is required and the videos will autoplay if required.

Full Width Modal YouTube Widget
MP4 Video Modal

The MP4 video will autoplay and stop when the responsive modal is opened and closed.

Slideshow Modal

Clicking the modal CTA opens a lightbox slideshow which can accomodate images with varying aspect ratio.

Slideshow Modal

Clicking the modal CTA opens a lightbox slideshow which can accomodate images with varying aspect ratio.

Resizeable Heading

A responsive HTML heading which uses a jQuery plugin to resize the text as the browser width is increased/decreased.

Responsive Scroll Box

Responsive scroll boxes with fixed height and options for title, heading, text, image and text wrap.

Side by Side Responsive Scrollboxes
Sticky CTA Link

A CTA button link which can be stuck to the left or right side of the browser and link to internal or external pages with new window option.

Responsive Social Media Links

Responsive social media links and an email link with options for full width and sticky, fixed position.