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Box Drop Text Wrap Image widget

Box Drop Text Wrap Image

Box Drop Wrap Widget
Box Drop Text Wrap Image Widget

Widget Settings

Enter the button heading text.
Enter the font family, check the box if it is Google hosted and select a suitable web safe fallback font.
Set the font size, color and background color.
Adjust the padding and set the corner radius if required.
Enter the icon code number from the icon list.
Set the icon size, color and position from the top and right.
Select the image, enter alt text for SEO and adjust its size and position.
Enter the drop down box text.
Set its font size, color and background color.
Adjust the box padding.
Use the text line height control to adjust the way the text wraps the image.
Set the box shadow color and radius.
Uncheck the box to hide the drop down and bring the widget to the front of any items below it using the Arrange drop down menu.

These widgets are included in the More-2 widget pack.

Click To Drop

The styled header has an h1 HTML heading with the option of a choice of icon from the Font Awesome list.
The content box drops down when the header is clicked and has a text wrapped image with adjustable width which can be floated either left or right.
Find out how to enter text as HTML and create line breaks etc.
The widget has a control to allow the box to remain open on the EverWeb design canvas for adding the content and setting the styles.
This control would normally be unchecked prior to publishing but can be left checked if a particular box is required to be open on page load.