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scroll frame hyperlink widget

Open iFrame Link In Full Window

One of the little problems encountered when creating content which is displayed via an iframe is that the linked page will open in the frame rather than a full browser window.
This widget creates a text hyperlink and applies the appropriate target to it to force the linked page or file to open in a full browser window.
A working example of this can be found in the first scroll frame on the previous page.

Scroll Frame Link Widget

Widget Settings

Enter the pre link text, link text and the post link text.
If the link is to an internal page of the website, use the "Link to:" control to choose the page.
If the link is to a file or an external page, check the box.
For a link to a file in the EverWeb Assets list, find the relative path by control (right) clicking the file and paste it into the URL box.
For a link to an external page, enter the absolute url.
Find out about relative and absolute file paths.
Select the web safe font family and set its size color and text align.
Set the hyperlink color, hover color and text decoration.

These widgets are included in the More-2 widget pack.