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Slide In Menu Text Button

Slide In Nav Button widget
slide in horizontal navigation text button widget

The Button

The slide in menu text button is independent of the menu position and can be placed anywhere on the page.
The button size is easily adjustable and the text can be anything in any language.
Although the text and background hover colors can be set, this is not necessary when used on mobile websites since they don't do hovers.

slide in navigation direction

Widget Settings

Enter the button text and adjust the width using a drag handle or the metrics inspector.
If two or more words are used, a line break can be created using an HTML5 line break <br>.
Adjust the padding to increase/decrease the button height. This height should be at least 30px when used on mobile designs.
Set the font family, size, color and background color.
Set the border width, color and corner radius.
Set the font and background hover colors if required.
Set the navigation direction.

Navigation Slide In Direction

The control for setting the navigation slide in direction is shown to the right.
IMPORTANT: This setting MUST have the the same value as the one in the navigation widget - otherwise the navigation will not slide in!

This widget is included in the

This widget is included in the Navigation-2 widget pack.