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Image & Image Link Animate On Scroll

Scroll FX Image Hyperlink Widget
Scroll FX Image Widget

Image Insert

This widget inserts an image with alt text for SEO which animates in on page scroll.
The image can have rounded corners and a box shadow.
The image link version creates the image as a hyperlink to an internal page or external page or file with the option to open in a new window.
Go to the DEMO page to see it in action.

Parallax scroll fx image widget

Widget Settings

Choose the image and enter alt text for SEO.
Set the corner radius and box shadow color and radius if required.
Choose the animation type.
Set the animation duration.
The animation duration for this - and any other animated widgets on the page - should be left until immediately before publishing the page.
NOTE: When the animation duration is set, the contents of the widget will fade, disappear or do something weird depending on the animation type and duration.
For an internal link to one of the pages of the site, use the "Link to;" control to choose the page.
For a link to an external page or file, check the box and enter a relative or absolute URL.
For either type of link, check the box if it is to open in a new window.

Parallax scroll fx image hyperlink widget

This widget is included in the Scroll FX widget pack.