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Bottom Caption Slideshow Widget

Caption Slideshow

Caption at Bottom Slideshow

Arrows and optional pager

border and box shadow

Border & Box Shadow Options

drop shadow

3D Drop Shadow

transition type and time

Variable Transition Type & Time

Bottom Caption Sideshow Widget
Bottom Caption Sideshow Widget

Slideshow Features & Options

A basic manual slideshow with previous/next arrows and optional pager dots.
The captions are underneath the image to suit those who don't like their images being desecrated by overlays.
There is also a field for adding alt text for SEO.
The slideshow can be styled with a border created by adding padding, a box shadow and a separate drop shadow to create a 3D effect.
The captions can be styled and aligned and the slider transition type and transition time is adjustable.
A version of this slider which adds image hyperlinks can be seen on the NEXT page.

This widget is included in the Sliders widget pack.