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Slice Slider

Slice Slider Widget
  • slice slideshow widget
    Slice Slideshow
  • Variable Orientation
  • horizontal, vertical or random slicing
    Variable Number Of Slices
  • sequence speed, animation speed slice count
    Variable Speed & Dispersion

Image Slices

The slideshow divides the images into slices and animates them. The number of slices can be varied from one for a simple turn action up to a maximum of seven. An odd number of slices is required.
The direction can be horizontal, vertical or random.
The speed of each slice can be varied along with the total animation time.
There is a setting for "Dispersion" which is the distance in pixels of the lifting action when the slices animate.
The caption is centered and its distance from the bottom adjusted. The caption length is adjusted using the values for left and right. Increasing these reduces the caption width and vice versa.
The caption font can be customised and its background opacity adjusted.

Widget Settings

The slides are inserted in the usual way and then each image file is highlighted in turn to add alt text and a caption.
The slideshow background should be set the same as the page content background.
Style the caption for web safe font, size, color, background color and background opacity.
Adjust the caption's distance from the bottom and adjust its length using the value for "Position LR".
The orientation can be set to h, r or v which is horizontal, random or vertical.
Slice count is the number of slices.
Checking the "Random" box varies the transition for each slide change.
The "Side Color" control sets the color of the sides of the sliced segment which are exposed during the lifting and turning animation.
The "Sequential Factor" is the timing of each slice in milliseconds.
The animation time is the total time and is also set in milliseconds.
The "Dispersion" controls the amount each slice is separated from the adjoining ones during the animation.

Text Image Sider Widget

This widget is included in the Sliders widget pack.