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Ken Burns Effect Stretchy Slideshow Stretch Any Way Slider Background Slideshow Autoplay

Ken Burns Stretchy Slider

Ken Burns Effect Stretch Slideshow

Stretch It Any Way

This autoplay slideshow with a Ken Burns effect can be stretch to fit any situation.
Set it up as a slider with an appropriate width and height to suit the image aspect ratio.
Stretch it to any width and height in the content area.
Click the Full Width box in the Metrics inspector and then stretch the height to anything you want - even to the full height of the page.
See the NEXT PAGE for a demo of how to use the slider in the background.

Widget Settings

Choose the images and hightlight each image file name in turn to add alt text for SEO.
Set the required slide time in seconds and the transition time in tenths of a second.

Suggeted Settings

For use as a "normal" slider, adjust the width and height to suit the image aspect ratio.

Stretch it out to cover the content area as a background.

Open the Metrics inspector, check the "Full width" box and adjust the height to create a full width, fixed height slider.

Drag it to the full content height to simulate a background slider.

This widget is included in the Sliders widget pack.