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Super Slider

Image & Thumbnail Caption Gallery Widget

Full Size Slideshow

This full size slideshow differs from previous full size slideshow widgets by using the Full Width control in the Metrics inspector rather than inserting the slides in the background.
The slideshow has a caption container which has the appearance of a header with variable background color and opacity. This container also has a back link button to return the visitor to the previous - or any other - page since the slideshow page has no navigation.
The slides are navigated using the previous/next arrows or the optional pager dots.

Widget Settings

Use a completely blank page with no header or footer.
Set the page width the same as that of the other pages of the site and the height to about 400px.
Check the "Full Width" box in the Metrics inspector.
Drag the images onto the Assets list in the widget settings from a Finder folder or use the "Choose" button to select them from the EverWeb Assets List.
Select each image file name in turn to add alt text and a caption.
Set the caption font styles and the caption background color and opacity.
Choose the "Link to:" page for the back link and check the box to show the pager if required.
NOTE:The images will not be visible on the EverWeb design canvas. Use the Preview button or publish to a local folder to view the finished slider.

This widget is included in the Sliders widget pack.