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Transition Slider

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Slideshow Features

This slider requires a little more than simply drag and drop to set up but is worth the effort for those who want a choice of 28 different transitions.
The directional arrows only appear on hover and the caption container animates in and up.
The container can be styled with padding, contrasting background with adjustable opacity, rounded corners and a border and/or box shadow.
The caption background has adjustable color and opacity and the captions can be hidden if not required.
The demo uses the "random" transition.

Slideshow Setup

The slider container has to have a width and height that will create the same aspect ratio as that of the images. Here's an example …
Image imported size: 1024 x 768 px
Slider container width : 780 px
Slider height is calculated from: image height ÷ image width x slider width
768 ÷ 1024 x 780 = 585 px.
The slideshow container is therefore set to 780px wide by 585 px in height using the drag handles or the Metrics inspector

This widget is included in the Sliders widget pack.