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Versa Slider

Versa Link Slider Widget
Versa Slider Widget
slideshow captions
Optional Captions
Autoplay slider manual slider
Autoplay | Manual | Fullscreen
image hyperlinks
This image is a Hyperlink
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Versa Slideshow Widget
Versa Slideshow Widget

Autoplay - Manual - Fullscreen

The slideshow can be set to autoplay - with optional pause on hover - or manual play.
The fullscreen option can be turned on for full site use if the image filles are large enough to warrant it.
The optional captions can be styled and their background opacity adjusted.
For touch device use, swipe can be turned on and the controls can show or hide as required.
The hyperlink version of the widget can create the images as hyperlinks with the option to open these in a new window if required.

Widget Settings

Check the box if captions are required and choose the images.
Highlight each image file name in turn to add alt text, caption and file path as necessary.
Check the box for any links that are required to open in a new window.
Style the caption for font family, size, color, background color and its opacity.
Check the box for autoplay and enter the slide time in secomds.
Check the box if the slider is to pause on hover when viewed on computers.
Check the box to show the fullscreen control for fullsite use if the images are good enough quality.
Check the box for swipe action on touch devices.
Check the box if the controls are to be visible when the slider is viewed on tablet or smart phone.
Set the box shadow radius and color if required.

This widget is included in the Sliders widget pack.