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Touch 360º Audio MP3 Playlist Player

Touch Audio Playlist 360 Widget

The Player

The player consists of a circular play/pause button which incorporates loading, progress and elapsed time.
The player is inserted into an HTML5 container with optional heading, image with alt text, track description and copyright info.
The container can have a border and/or box shadow if required.
Tracks are added by selecting the MP3 files and inserting the track title/artist name for each one.

Touch 360º Audio MP3 Playlist Widget

Circular Playlist Player

circular 360º MP3 audio playlist player

This space is used for a description of the song with appropriate keywords for the search engines.

  • Cosmic Traveler
  • Devil On My Tail
  • Highway Of Dreams
  • Railroad To Hell

© Roddy McKay
All Rights Reserved

Touch 360º Audio MP3 Playlist Widget

Widget Settings

Enter the heading and check the box to display it.
Choose the image, enter alt text for SEO, check the box to display it and adjust the width if necessary.
Enter the track description and check the box to display it.
Choose the MP3 files and highlight each one in turn to add the track tile.
Enter the copyright info and check the box to display it.
Choose the font and set the various font sizes and colors and the container background color.
Use the values for "Top" and "Left" to adjust the position of the track title.
If a separator is required, set its height and color.
Adjust the track description line height if required.
Set the container border, corner radius and box shadow if needed.
Set the player backgound color, hover background color and the color of the timer font.
If the page containing the widget is in a directory, check the box before publishing.

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