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Touch Audio MP3 Module

Touch Audio  MP3 Module WIdget

The Module

The module consists of an image with alt text, MP3 player, track title and description and an optional hyperlink button enclosed in an HTML5 article element to allow it to be quickly copied and paste to the different versions of the website as one unit.
The container can be styled with a border and/or a box shadow and its dimensions adjust using the drag handles or the Metrics inspector.
The player play/pause button is large enough to comply with the requirements for user inputs and touch devices.
The popup volume control disappears on touch devices since it obviously can't be used on that application.

Touch Audio Module

Devil On My Tail - Roddy McKay

This kind of describes my life.
Always keep moving and changing so they never can drag you down.

Touch Audio MP3 Module Widget
Touch Audio MP3 Module Widget

Widget Settings

Choose the image, enter alt text for SEO and choose the audio MP3 file.
Set the container border, corner radius and box shadow if required.
Set the web safe font, font sizes for the title and description, font color and background color.
Check the box if the button hyperlink is required.
Enter the button text and set the background, font color, corner radius.
Set the button box shadow color and radius if required.
For an internal link, choose th "Link to:" page.
For an external hyperlink, check the box and enter the URL.
On the full site, check the box if the link is to open in a new window.

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