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Touch Big Video Widget
Touch Big Video Button Widget
Touch  Big Video Widget
Touch  Big Video Widget

How It Works

Background videos depend on autoplay to start on page load. For this reason, they won't play on iOS devices such as the iPad and iPhone. In any case, its not a good idea to force visitors to download a video when they may be using a cell phone network with data limits.
The Big Video widget inserts the video and the corresponding Button widget inserts a play/pause button which appears only when the page is viewed on a tablet device. Preload is prevented so the vistor has a choice of whether to download and view the video or not.

Video Widget

The widget appears as a 20px square and can be placed anywhere out of the way. It should be the first item to be inserted on the page.
Choose the MP4 video file and a fallback WebM if this is required to support older versions of Firefox.
Check the box if loop is required and then check the box next to "Autoplay" just before publishing.

Button Widget

Enter the appropriate text and adjust the widget width using a drag handle or the Metrics inspector.
Set the font family, size, color.
Set the background color and adjust its opacity if required.
Increase/decrease the button height using the value for padding.
If a border is required, set its width and color.
Adjust the corner radius and set the box shadow radius and color if necessary.

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