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Video Markers Logo Widget

MP4 Video | Chapter Markers | Logo/Hyperlink

Video Options

This widget was created in response to EverWeb users requesting the option to add markers to long videos. It can have up to six of them which should be more than enough for most purposes.
The player can also have a logo to add a professional touch and the logo can be a hyperlink if required.
The widget displays a poster image on page load. This image should have the same aspect ratio as the video file.

Touch Video Logo Markers Widget

Widget Settings

Choose the poster image, adjust the widget size using the drag handles or the Metrics inspector and choose the MP4 video file.
Check the box if a logo is required, choose the image and enter the required width and height.
Adjust the position of the logo relative to the top and right.
To create the logo as a hyperlink, check the box and enter a relative or absolute path to the page or file.
Add markers as required by checking the box and entering the marker name and the elapsed time in seconds.

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