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Touch Video JS

Touch Info Slider Widget

Video Options

This widget uses the VideoJS player to allow options for autoplay, a poster image, setting the initial volums and including an optional WebM fallback video file for older versions of Firefox.
The preload option has a choice of "auto" or "none". Use "none" if using a poster image or there is more than one video on the page. Use "auto" when autoplaying a single video.

Touch Info Slider Widget

Widget Settings

Select the MP4 file.
Select a WebM file and a poster image if required.
Adjust the widget to the required size using the drag handles or the Metrics inspector.
Set preload to "auto" if autoplay is selected.
Check the box to select autoplay.
Uncheck the "controls" box if they are not required.
Set the value for initial volume. This can be any value between zero and 99. A value of 50 is good for most applications.

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