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Touch Audio & Video Widgets

EverWeb widgets for displaying media on Touch devices including slideshow, gallery, audio and video player and image expand. Refer to the TRISTE REDIRECT page for info about site setup and redirects.

Click the button to visit the TRISITE DEMO website to find out how to quickly create three versions of a website for computers, tablets and smart phones.

Click any widget icon to see the demo page with instructions.

Touch Audio MP3 Widget

A widget to create a round or square audio button player for touch devices

Touch Audio MP3 Playlist Widget

An MP3 playlist player with options for use on both touch devices and the full site.

Touch Audio  MP3 WIdget

Audio MP3 player with styling options and popup volume control. Play pause button suitable for mobile devices.

Touch Audio  MP3 Module WIdget

A module containing an image with alt text, audio MP3 player, track title and description and optional link button.

Touch Audio MP3 360 Widget
Touch Audio 360 Module Widget
Touch 360 Playlist Widget
Touch MP4 Video Widget

An MP3 player with circular progress bar and an option for adding track info.

An audio module with 360º player and options for heading, image, track title and info and copyright notice.

An audio MP3 playlist version of the 360º player for presenting multiple tracks in one container.

An MP4 video player with many essential options for efficient download and playba

Vimeo or YouTube video with a styled frame and box shadow options.

Touch Vimeo YouTube Video Widget
Touch Info Slider Widget

A video player with options for poster image, WebM fallback, autoplay, preload and initial volume

Touch Big Video Widget
Touch Big Video Button Widget

The Big Video widget inserts a video into the browser background.  The button appears when the page is viewed on a touch device so that the background video can be played and paused.

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Video Markers Logo Widget

This widget adds a professinal touch to an HTML5 MP4 video player by adding up to six markers and allowing a logo which can be used as a hyperlink to another page or website. The player displays a poster image on page load.

redirect Code Widget

A widget to insert the redirect code on all pages of a site containing versions for computer, tablet and smart phone.


The widgets on this site are not compatible with HTTPS Secure websites.
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