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Touch Image Crosfade

Image Crossfade On Hover Or Click

Why Hover or Click?

Crossfade images are useful for a lot of purposes and perhaps the easiest way to achieve this is using hover. However, hovers are no use on the tablet and smart phone versions of a site so this widget offers an alternative "onClick" method.
The centered caption is optional and can be positioned at the top or bottom of the image.

crossfade image on click
Click/Tap The Box To Open
hover crossfade
Hover To Open
The Box
Touch Dual Crossfade Widget

Widget Settings

The widget settings are shown above right are quite straightforward. It should be obvious that both images need to be of the same size or, at least, have the same aspect ratio.
The animation time can be left at zero for the click effect but can be set a litle higher for the hover.
The optional caption can be positioned at the top or bottom and its distance from the image edge varied using the "Distance" control.

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