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Touch Gallery Widget

Touch Lightbox Gallery

Touch Gallery Widget
Touch Lightbox Gallery Widget

The Gallery

The gallery is specifically designed for touch devices and can be replaced by the more elaborate FX Gallery on the full site.
It can accommodate up to twelve thumbnails and images which is more than enough for any slider - especially one for mobile devices.
The thumbnails are cropped square before import and should be no more than about 200px square.
The thumbs are arranged in a grid and the number of columns is adjusted using the value for "Thumb Width".
The thumbnail grid can be styled for background color and border width, color and corner radius.
The spacing between the thumbnail images can be adjusted too.
The full size image caption can be styled for font family, size and color and the background overlay color can be set to suit.

Widget Settings

Choose the image file, the corresponding thumbnail image and enter a caption for the first three slides
Add more as required and check the box to display them.
Set the thumbnail percentage width to give the required number of columns and then adjust the widget size using the drag handles or the Metrics inspector.
Set the grid background color and thumbnail spacing.
Set the grid border width, color and corner radius if required.
Set the lightbox image caption font, size and color and the lightbox overlay color.

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