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Touch iFrame Modal Window
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Popup iFrame Content

This widget was developed for an EverWeb user who needed to have visitors be able to click/tap a button link to open a content page in a modal window. The content page needed to contain several imsges which were links to stores where the product could be purchased.
While the popup can have any content - such as another web page, large image, Vimeo or YouTube move - the example on this page uses an image map created on another page of the site.
An image map is quite simply created by dropping the Touch Image Map Link widget over the appropriate part of the image and creating it as a link with the required target.
Click the button link to see it in action…

Touch iFrame Modal Widget
Touch Widgets
Touch iFrame Modal Widget
Touch Image Map Link Widget

Image Map Link

This widget is basically just an empty, invisible box which can be dropped over an item on a web page to create a hyperlink.
The widget can create either an internal link or, by checking a box and entering a URL, an external one.
The hyperlink target can be set to either self, blank or top.
Setting the target to "self" opens the linked page in the same browser window.
Setting the target to "blank" opens the linked page in a new window.
The third option - "top" - is used when a hyperlink is part of a page which is displayed in an iframe. Without this selector the linked page or file would open in the iframe. Using target="_top" breaks out of the iframe and opens the linked page or file in a full browser window.
The links to the widgets in the popup example on this page use target="_top" to stop the linked pages opening in the popup rather than a full browser window.
If a tooltip is required on mouse over, enter the required text in the "Title" box.
The widget settings for the widget are shown below.

Touch Image Map Link Widget

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