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Touch Info Slider

Touch Info Slider Widget
Touch Info Slider Touch Slideshow Widget Alt text & caption slide captionn

Data Attributes

In addition to having alt text, each image in this slider can have both a title and a description which appear below the image.
These are derived from the data-title and data-description attrbutes which are inserted into the <img> tag. This contributes towards the slider having excellent SEO as well as an opportunity to create more interest for visitors.

Touch Info Slider Widget

Widget Settings

The images are added to the slider in the usual way and then each image file name can be highlighted in turn to add alt text, title and description.
The info can be styled for web safe font, size, color, line height and text align.
The info background color can be chosen and its opacity adjusted if needed.
The slider can have a box shadow if required.
The transition type can be chosen for both the full site version and the one for touch devices.
The transition time should be set last since the first image title and description will disappear from view in EverWeb when this is entered.

The Slideshow

The slider has directional arrows when viewed on computers which increase in opacity when hovered.
When viewed on touch devices such as the iPad and iPhone, the arrows disappear and the slides are changed via finger swiping.

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